Making Space- A Universal Educational Truth

Little girl making chestnuts creaturesThis week I had my own face to face encounter with a universal truth.  Universal truths, by and large, are everywhere, often cited and recited, but rarely actually experienced.  The truth I met this week came packaged in its usual disguise, my Twitter feed.  I have come to view this feed as the metaphoric river in Siddhartha, the constantly changing, yet timeless flow of all that is.  

Each droplet in my feed appeared, at first blush, as the infinite source of wisdom.  I could not possibly let this link flow by without reading it, in its entirety, right now.  But wait, the next one looked to be even more enlightening, no, wait, the next one… this process continued until I realized that my summertime quest for learning could not be satiated.  Certainty,  in this ever flowing stream, could not exist: certainty comes from within.

Before giving in completely to my anxieties regarding best practices for maker spaces, I took a deep breath and summoned my inner zen, thinking about Herman Hesse’s words, “One must find the source within one’s own Self, one must possess it”.  The universal truth I met on Monday in my twitter feed is simply that knowledge cannot be poured into a full cup.  Space must be made to experience truths from where one stands.  It is not possible to chase a thought downstream and expect it to be meaningful.  Meaning regarding all knowledge comes from personal perspective.  

Making space in my mind and in my school for the right ‘maker space’ elements will be a process. There is no ‘one way fits all’ approach.  The nuggets flowing by in my twitter stream will find their way where they belong.  Some bits of wisdom will be helpful today, others helpful tomorrow.  The learning journey connects us, literally and metaphorically, through the quest itself.  Enlightenment isn’t a nugget in the flowing stream, it is a process of perspective.  It is not what we see but how we see that counts. 



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