The Art of Studying

Great article by Susan Rose!

Carpe Diem

The month May brings us closer to the end of the school year– and closer to final exams. Whether students are studying for their very first middle school finals or seasoned seniors are gearing up for dual-enrollment and AP exams, the following study tips, discussed by Personalized Learning Coordinator Susan Rose, can be extremely helpful in feeling and being prepared.

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Did you Study?

“Study for your test.”, “Did you study?”, “I need to study.”, “You didn’t study hard enough!” How often do we toss these phrases around as parents, as teachers and as students? ‘Study’ is an extremely vague word and means different things to different people. When we tell our students to go home and study, they often have no idea about how to effectively go about this. Does it mean reading the chapter again and again until you know it? Does it mean making flash cards and drilling…

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